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A Assisting Hand Guideline – Ghost of Tsushima Wiki Information

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Tale Summary: A Aiding Hand

“A guy is developing a new dwelling by himself just after Mongols destroyed his property. I gave him what I could. He informed me he is making his residence in a grassy clearing west of Fort Sakai. I really should look for him there.”

How to unlock A Encouraging Hand:

Tale Rewards:


Locate the Builder’s Scroll

The earliest thing you can do is find Emotaro’s Scoll. Head to the level marked in the graphic above, West of Fort Sakai and straight South of the Deer Sanctuary in Sly Hunter’s Forest.

In this article you will come across a campsite. If you haven’t talked to Emotaro nonetheless, it’ll be a regular campsite with civilians occupying it: the Scroll will be below the vacant tent. If you have talked to Emotaro, the region will have some of the elements you gave him: in this case, the Scroll will be in a diverse spot, under a tent future to two bowls, a person of which has two leeks in it.

Listed here, you are going to get clues as to in which Emotaro can be identified: a forest to gather wood, the grasslands for hides, and shipwrecks to come across steel.

Come across the Builder in the Forest

The first spot you can come across Emotaro is also the most very likely you can expect to occur throughout 1st: it’ll be on the street among Fort Sakai and Fune’s Refuge. Specifically, he is at a location wherever the route splits just East of Kitsune’s Pond, gathering wooden.

Talk to Emotaro, and you can give to give him 3 Wood with the X button. In addition to progressing the Tale, this will also mark his building site on the map, in Sly Hunter’s Forest.

Discover the Builder in the Grasslands

Very likely the most complicated and obscure locale, the grassland outlined in Emotaro’s observe is not the plains of Gonoura Cape, nor is it the kudzu-crammed area of Kidafure Battleground. As an alternative it is really a area at Lake Nagata, specifically on the West bank of the lake, appropriate next to the mouth of the river that runs West to the sea and in the vicinity of the little bridge that crosses it.

Here, talk to Emotaro and he’ll explain what occurred to his dad and mom although he gathers hides to construct the roof with. You can again provide him sources: give 6 Predator Hides to progress the Tale.

Come across the Builder at the Shipwrecks

This spot is the most unique: you’ll be hunting for shipwrecks. That can very easily be located in Zasho Bay: head over there and go to the mouth of Zasho River, just North-East of Cloud Forest.

Once once more talk to Emotaro, who is in a compact pit rummaging all around for no matter what metals he can find. Once again present sources: 10 Iron.

Talk to the Builder at His Homestead

When you have helped donate all a few elements to Emotaro, return to the building web page West of Fort Sakai and you can discover that he is at final concluded his house. Discuss with him and he’ll thank you for serving to him develop a new property.

As a reward, you can expect to get the Attraction of Iron Grip: with this geared up, Jin’s intention would not wobble when his bow is drawn for very long durations of time, nor will he reduce his grip and be forced to allow unfastened an arrow.

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