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Lego Masters: Artist Nathan Sawaya on Bricks and Constructing

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With the enduring attractiveness of Lego bricks, it’s no surprise that the Fox levels of competition collection Lego Masters received a warm welcome when the series premiered in February 2020 and brought teams of intelligent Lego builders together to contend for the title of Lego Grasp.

Hosted by The Lego Batman Movie star Will Arnett, the sequence asks amateur Lego builders to craft difficult, entertaining creations primarily based on different challenges posed by Arnett along with Lego design managers Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard, who serve as judges on the series. Assisting in the two the advancement of these difficulties and the brightly colored, Lego-fueled structure of the show’s set is artist Nathan Sawaya, a consulting producer on the demonstrate and the only man or woman in the entire world to keep the Lego-endorsed titles of Lego Accredited Expert and Lego Grasp Builder.

With period 2 of Lego Masters returning from its Olympic hiatus on August 10, Electronic Developments spoke to Sawaya about his get the job done on the series, as very well as his planet-well-known exhibit The Art of the Brick and regardless of whether he finds stepping on Legos as unpleasant as all people else does.

Digital Tendencies: In addition to producing astounding artwork, you are a consulting producer on Lego Masters. I’m told you engage in a part in producing the troubles for the exhibit, but what else does that place entail?

Nathan Sawaya: Properly, it’s a good deal of constructing, essentially. When the contestants need to construct off of one thing in a problem, we have to construct that foundation for them. For example, in the very first episode of season 2, there was a parade of Lego floats that the contestants designed. But you just can’t have that parade just everywhere, suitable? You need to have a whole Lego city for the parade to go through.

So my team and I designed an total Lego town — and when I say “my team” and I, which is just me and a single other particular person, Brandon Griffith. It is just the two of us. That is a single section of it, and then developing set pieces, much too. The camera does not usually concentrate on the track record, so a ton of persons really do not comprehend that most things on the established are created out of Lego. All of the signage is built out of Legos, for example.

Properly, before I get to what I guarantee you are a lot more thoughtful thoughts, I have to request: Do your fingers damage as considerably as mine do all through very long Lego setting up classes? 

[Laughs] Perfectly, they’re employed to it, but there are a number of calluses created up, too. My fingers have been executing this for nearly 20 decades now, so they are made use of to it.

A parade scene made out of Lego from the season 2 premiere of Lego Masters.

Great to know! So how does your strategy to making features for the collection vary from your solution to creating art on your personal?

It’s a distinctive approach on the clearly show due to the fact I have a manager. Well, it’s not definitely a “boss,” but I have producers that arrive up with thoughts that need to be created in Lego for the display. Whereas when I’m making artwork, it’s commonly just for me. Certainly, I do get the job done for consumers from time to time, but it’s much more of a inventive procedure in that environment. With the clearly show, it’s far more of, “We will need this in this amount of money of time.” It’s that deadline that would make it so much diverse.

Functioning in television is very unique than operating on your possess time, for the reason that when you perform on your very own, you can make a slip-up and chisel it aside if it doesn’t appear right. On the exhibit, it is nonstop. And this 12 months was additional complicated, way too. Year 1 was shot in Los Angeles, where by my artwork studio is positioned. It was just a several minutes to travel from the set to my studio and back again. But Period 2 was shot in Atlanta. My artwork studio stayed in Los Angeles, so … a substantially longer push.

The problems in Lego Masters are normally so intelligent in the way they mix artwork and engineering. Can you drop some gentle on what goes on at the rear of the scenes when new problems are becoming made?

There are obstacle producers who arrive up with the ideas and we have a screening workforce as effectively. The problem producers arrive up with a idea, and then it goes to the testing staff to see if we can pull it off. And then there is a meeting to determine out how a great deal time we should give the contestants for that specific obstacle. We want them to be beneath tension, but we also want it to look interesting. So it is this delicate balance that can be tricky to manage from time to time, for the reason that the contestants make at different fees and we want absolutely everyone to have one thing that’s visually amazing to search at when they are done. But we simply cannot give them far too significantly time, since then there is no strain — no remarkable element.

That’s a balance I check with a lot on. I do the math in my head of what it would get to develop one thing to suit the obstacle and then lower it by a handful of several hours to set that force on them.

Nathan Sawaya working on his art exhibit The Art of the Brick.

Producing with Lego bricks is evidently your enthusiasm, but it’s also your profession. How does that shape your tactic to the function you do and the artwork you create? 

There is some compartmentalization that goes on, for positive. I indicate, I really don’t have any Lego in my house.

Wait, what? You’re saying I have more Lego in my home than you — the most well-known Lego artist in the planet — have in your home?

Yeah! It is accurate! It is not that I don’t build Lego sets for exciting. I however build sets from time to time. Persons still reward me sets. Every birthday, I get some Lego from my mom and dad. I carry them to the studio.

When I’m setting up a set for entertaining, it is nice, nevertheless. It is therapeutic in that I really do not have to believe, and I can just abide by a person else’s guidance. But when it comes to my dwelling, I really do not maintain a great deal Lego there. So yeah, I do individual it a minimal bit. All my Lego is in this article at the studio.

When I’m making with my youngsters, we every have our most loved kinds of factors to make with Lego. I really like spaceships and plane and this kind of, and my daughter loves making scenes from demonstrates and movies, for illustration. Is there a specific kind of make you seriously enjoy performing on? 

I suppose so. I’ve been bouncing close to a little recently. Lego has this Lego Concepts line, and they are just genuinely phenomenal tasks. They had a miniature grand piano, and it was a great set to construct. But I do have a tendency to lean on my roots as a boy or girl. So the Star Wars sets are constantly entertaining. It’s what ever catches my eye, definitely. They did a bouquet of flowers not long ago, which I imagined was a very pleasant set, so I constructed it.

It’s also very good for me to see how they’re making use of different factors and procedures, for the reason that they’re usually coming up with new things. When I was a child, it was just mainly rectangular bricks, but these times, there are so quite a few distinct features you can use.

On that observe, what is your beloved Lego aspect to use? What is the block you could not do what you do without the need of?

Most likely a a person-by-two jumper.

Which is a block which is two studs extensive, but with just 1 stud centered on the prime, appropriate?

Precisely. It allows you get a large amount far more element in builds. If you are hoping to build a stair-step curve, for example, you can get so significantly far more element by going a 50 %-stud at a time as a substitute of a total stud as you generate the condition you’re going for.

Properly, 1 a lot more pretty significant question for you: The rest of the globe lives in worry of stepping on Legos with out footwear on, but is that even a concern for you? Have you developed earlier that specific fear?

Very well, it is unquestionably a matter to be concerned about, but I’ve stepped on so several bricks, I really don’t even experience it anymore. When I employ an assistant, nevertheless, I make them wander barefoot by a carpet of free Lego bricks to see how they do. [Laughs] No, I never basically do that. But very seriously, I’ve had so a lot of bricks below my ft, I truly don’t sense it any more.

So, in addition to Lego Masters on Fox, exactly where can we see your get the job done? 

Together with Lego Masters, I have The Artwork of the Brick, which is on exhibition right now at the California Science Centre in Los Angeles. It will be there by means of the conclude of the calendar year. And you can always go to Instagram to see some of my most up-to-date items.

Season 2 of Lego Masters returns Tuesday, August 10, on Fox. 

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