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Why Do Different Wines Need Different Storing Temperatures?

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The temperature is important when it comes to both serving and storing wine. Therefore, before you click on ‘buy wine cooler, you should consider the perfect wine storage temperature, the best storage conditions, the proper serving temperature for various wines, and the significance of each of these factors. When learning about each wine cooler or looking for the best yet most economical one, it’s also important to consider the temperature zones. A dual temperature wine cooler, for instance, enables you to preserve reds and whites while ensuring that your bottles of wine are served at various temperatures and in multiple compartments within the same cooler.

Why Wine Requires Optimal Temperatures

When serving wine, it’s common practice to raise the bottle and set it on the table without considering the temperature. However, when serving any wine, it is crucial to ensure it is at the right serving temperature. You must also do this to release all the delicious aromas and flavours. You won’t be able to completely appreciate all of the wine’s key elements and flavours if the wine isn’t served at the right temperature since some of the flavours are lost. While most people know that you should store wine in the finest conditions and at the proper temperature, you should also understand why this is required. To prevent premature ageing or deterioration from poor storage circumstances, a bottle of wine must also mature at the right temperature.

Perfect Storage Conditions and Temperatures For Wine

You must ensure that the right wine storage conditions are in place to ensure that your wine ages well and doesn’t rot due to sediment accumulation. Therefore, you should avoid storing wine next to strong or overpowering odours that might damage the wine or the cork. It’s also critical to have continuous ventilation. Even in peaceful, vibration-free environments, wine may flourish. Vibrations might also be caused by moving the wine or damaging surrounding objects. Finally, to protect the safety of your wine bottles and labels, keep the humidity level in your wine cellar or wine cooler between 50 and 70 percent. Anything higher will encourage the growth of mould in your wine.

Can You Store Reds and Whites At The Same Temperature?

You can store your red and white wines at the same temperature in the same cooler or refrigerator, which quickly responds to this difficult issue. You should get a dual-zone refrigerator since red and white wines are served at differing temperatures. For instance, white wines can be served from 9°C to 13°C, whereas red wines should be served between 13°C and 18°C. Keep your reds and whites in the same location at a temperature of 13°C if you plan to store your wine for a long period. Your white wine will be ready to serve at this temperature, but it will take some time for your red wine to aerate and warm up to the proper serving temperature. If you want to serve your wine soon, it may be a good idea to preserve them at various temperatures. Red wines with a lot of body should often be served between 17°C and 19°C. However, if you prefer light to medium-bodied wines, keep the temperature between 12°C and 16°C. Furthermore, sparkling wines should be stored between 5°C and 8°C, whereas you can store your sweet and dry white wines at 8°C  to 12°C.

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